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April 17, 2015


Live Paint DOJO, is an annual live paint battle the started in 2012 with the objective of elevating the social standing of Japan’s street culture.

On Saturday, April 18th 2015, a spin-off event called the Live Paint ZOJO will be held at the Zojo-ji or Buddhist temple located in Minato City in Tokyo. The area is special for its historic links to Japanese warrior Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa clan during the Edo period.

Live Paint ZOJO, will feature artists who have taken 1st place at past Live Paint DOJO events, also live painting by the live paint duo, DOPPEL. There will be special interactive workshops for the attendees.

An interesting contrast to this modern street art event is the art fair ‘Tensai 108’, which will be held side by side with Live paint ZOJO at the same zojo-ji grounds. Tensai 108 art fair will feature the traditional Edo period ceramics and pottery. Come see what these two contrasting art expressions might evoke at the shared space and time.

【event name】Live Paint DOJO spinoff in zojo-ji ‘Live Paint ZOJO’ 【date】Saturday April 18, 2015 13:00 ~ 19:00 (April 19 is open just for the exhibit) 【venue】Open area in front of Zojo-ji Kosetsuden 【entrance fee】FREE 【Co-event】Tensai 108

LIVE PAINT SHOWCASE:<17:00~19:00> ・DOPPEL (Live paint duo) ・Tomoko Kawao (Japanese Calligraphy artist) ・1945 aka KURANAKA (DJ) ・Tokyo Ghetto Shamisen (Musician) ・Bugaku (Samurai art Performance)

LIVE PAINT by Live Paint DOJO winners:<13:00~17:00> ・Yohei Takahashi (2012 1st place, solo event) ・Stone63 (2013/2014 1st place, solo event in Kyoto finals) ・OT29 (2013 1st place, team event) ・Whole9 (20141st place, team event in Kyoto finals) ・Ayumi Miyakawa (2014EXTRA1st place, women’s event)

DJ :YABUGARASHI /Moshi Moshi/koudai/GEM

Workshop:BAKIBAKI free all BAR:SPES-Lab. Music: nice sound Supported by TEAM/ZETTAI-MU

Sponsors:Turner Color Inc./PIONEER DJ Inc. Partners:Mitsubishi Pencil Co. /ALMA /XLARGE®/WIPCAPS/Taguchi Craftech In Support of:Tensai 108 organizers/Daihonzan zojo-ji Temple



▼For mordetails Live Paint DOJO official web site


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