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June 16, 2013


Win a chance to purchase the MNL Tondo caps at a special promo price of P1,160. That’s a 20% discount off the regular price of P1,450.

We are giving away 28 of these discount coupons to 28 lucky people.

And 2 luckier people will get the MNL Tondo cap ABSOLUTELY FREE!


1. Take a creative photo wearing any of the previously released MNL caps.

2. Be the first 28 people to post your photos on Facebook or Instagram.

-For posting on Facebook, we are only accepting 18 entries. Tag us: WIP Caps with hashtag #mnltondo

-For posting on Instagram, we are only accepting 10 entries. Tag us: @wip_pi and @wipcaps_us with hashtag #mnltondo

*Only 1 entry per person. If you posted on Facebook, you are not qualified to post on Instagram and viceversa.

3. We will pick 2 of the best photo submissions to receive the 2 FREE MNL Tondo caps. 1 from Facebook and 1 from Instagram. Take note, you do not have to be one of the first 28 people to submit. This is open to everyone even if you didn’t qualify for the 28 discounts. Discount winners also qualify to win the free caps so technically you can win TWO PRIZES!

Submissions will be honored until Thursday, June 20, 3PM. Winners will be announced on Friday, June 21.

Blow our minds with your most creative MNL cap photo!

On May 18, 2013, the 3rd Tondo Hip Hop Summit happened right smack in the middle of the streets of Tondo, Manila. This block party event is an annual celebration of the local hip hop scene, focusing on the artists who grew up and honed their talents in the colorful district of Tondo. As part of our MNL district series, we linked up with artists who take pride in calling Tondo their home, and designed a cap to showcase its raw and vibrant history. They rocked our caps that day with style and we are grateful to have been able to help pay tribute to their hometown.

The MNL district series will be featuring other main districts of Manila, namely Sta. Cruz, Sta. Ana, Ermita, Quiapo and Binondo. The Series looks to go back to the real streets of the city of Manila. We’ve taken a deeper look at the history and culture of each district to pay homage to the people who are part of it. Each community is unique in their own right and we hope to make them proud of their roots and culture.

The MNL TONDO Cap is a two-toned monochromatic cap. With the dome being a pale grey and the bill is black. Tondo was notorious in the eighties and and nineties to be the most rugged neighborhood of Manila. Nakayama tried to capture this grime and grit by using these colors, or better yet, lack of colors.

The front panels has the classic WIP MNL tag in 3D embroideRy in white. Nakayama added a bill rope to signify the honor we wish to bring to the people of Tondo. The right panel dawns a TONDO label which was designed by some artists there. They used a “tirador” or a sling shot, a weapon they commonly used as kids growing up in those streets. There is a Llanera Flag above the black snapback of this cap. Historically, The Katipunan (a Freemason group that revolted against the Spaniards for Philippine independence) Llanera Flags were hand crafted in the neighborhood of Tondo.  Wip tried to go even deeper in the city’s roots, and it shows in the underbrim. The cap’s underbrim shows some Hieroglyphic-like symbols which were found on historic Artifacts called the LAGUNA COPPERPLATE INSCRIPTION. These plates were dug up and found. It is written proof that Tondo, along with other local places, existed long before the Spanish conquered the territory of Tondo, Manila and the rest of the Philippines.

The first 30 pieces of the cap is available through this photo contest, which will end on Thursday, June 20. The caps that aren’t won/claimed will be in all stockists a week after, but only at its original price of 1450! So snap away and join!



  1. Ronchie Babat permalink

    sana manalo ako, trip na trip ko to..

  2. how to avail these caps? or other wip caps?? coz i want to buy some of these caps..

    • There are a few ways to purchase a Wip cap. The first is online on this website. In structions on how to order are as follows:

      Make a login in the philippine store.

      Choose the cap and size you want and “add to cart”.

      Click on “show cart” to proceed checking out. Click on “checkout”.

      From there you will be able to select shipping and payment options. You may pay via PayPal or Bank deposit thru BDO. At this point you dont have to pay yet; just choose your desired method of payment.

      Once you complete your order form; you will receive an invoice from us thru email. From there, you will be able to check if: 1. Your order is correct and 2. How much to pay; If everything is ok, you can proceed with your payment.

      If you pay via bank deposit, just send us a picture of your deposit slip, then we will ship the cap to you. For more info, please check the FAQ section of our website at! 🙂

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